BB for Reschio
BB for Reschio

The Tabaccaia di Reschio

Home to B.B. for Reschio

My creative hub

Umbria has traditionally been a creative hub with artisanal families using local materials to provide furniture and household items. These skills learned through the generations are honed and adapted to my 21st century designs.

Hand crafted

Each and every custom made items is hand crafted and finished

Blacksmiths working in bronze, brass and steel with differing patinations. Carpenters working in oak, beech or simple builder’s planks. Upholsters web, spring and cushion in silk and leather. We are fortunate to have them all.

New spaces

B.B for Reschio is ever evolving with new items added to the range

New spaces created from the old soul of a stone building often cry out for the right furniture item and sometimes a new piece is born. Good that they can also compliment a contemporary space.

B.B. for Reschio

Benedikt Bolza lives and works on his family’s estate Castello di Reschio

Benedikt trained as an architect in London and moved back to work at Reschio in 1999 where he has designed and restored some 20 houses and with this also landscaping and interior decoration and furnishing.